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Do you have questions about your Washington divorce or family law case?

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Divorce is often a traumatic and life altering experience.

Our divorce and family law attorneys are here to help.

Almost nothing compares to the frustration and the anxiety that generally accompanies being forced to face a Washington divorce.  This is never more true than when children are involved, especially young ones.  During these difficult and often chaotic times, it's critical to have strong counsel that you can trust.  Our divorce and family law lawyers have decades of legal experience handling divorce cases throughout Western Washington.  You can count on us to be there when it matters the most.

Our Washington State divorce attorneys and family law lawyers are experienced and aggressive advocates for our clients.  We understand exactly what are facing and know what you will be going through over the next six to twelve months.  We serve divorce and family law clients throughout Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma, and Olympia.  We understand what you are going through, and we will work with you to develop and implement a sound legal strategy that protects you, your children, and your assets.

If you have questions about your divorce or family law case, we invite you to call our offices for an initial consultation?  With offices in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma, and Olympia, we have experienced attorneys where you live.  You can talk to one of our WA State divorce lawyers who can review the specific facts and circumstances of your case and explain how we can help.

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Do you have questions about your WA divorce or family law case?

Get help from one of our Washington divorce lawyers today!

Toll Free Statewide:  (855) 326-4595

1-855-Family Law

Wondering if you even need legal counsel?

Many people facing a divorce or family law crisis here in Western Washington often are not even sure that they need a lawyer.  More importantly, they often do not know how to find a good Washington divorce lawyer who will fight to protect them and their children.  There is no perfect answer to this question.  Unlike a lot of other law firms, we encourage clients to talk with as many experienced divorce and family law lawyers as possible.  This is one of the most important decisions that you may ever make.

For many of our clients, their case may only last from six months to up to a year.  But the lasting affects of their final orders are often felt throughout their life time.  And, this is particularly true if you have been married for a significant number of years or if their are children involved.  A good Washington divorce lawyer understands and has a firm grasp of the long-term ramifications of your final orders.  These aren't just documents.  They are your future life.

Whether you expect a simple divorce or something significantly more complicated, our divorce professionals have the resources and the experience to properly handle your case from start to finish.  While couples with no children and little or no property in common may not need a divorce attorney, and no couple is required by law to use one, most people with children or with any community property should at least consult with an experienced family law lawyer.  We are here to assist you in fully understanding all of your legal options and statutory rights.

After meeting with one of our Washington family law lawyers, you will at least have the information that you need to make a truly informed decision about what is best for your and your kids.  We offer a free initial consultation because we are confidant that if you decide to retain legal services for your WA family law case, you will hire one of our lawyers.

If you are unable to retain an attorney, Washington State provides all necessary divorce and family law forms online.  And, in some of the counties where we practice, court facilitators are available to help you fill them out and file them.  The Washington State Court Forms page is an excellent resource if you need to file your own divorce or family law case.  This page also provides links to all of the most important Domestic Relations Forms here in Washington. 

Many of these Washington State Court Forms: Dissolution (Divorce) can be found on this page.

It is important to remember, however, that these forms are no substitute for consulting with an experienced divorce and family law lawyer. 

We're here to help ease your transition.

The best time to consult with one of our attorneys is before your separation, or at least before you or your spouse file your petition for “dissolution of marriage”.  If you are not yet separated, we can often provide our clients with a number of ideas to ease their transition, especially regarding child custody and the temporary use of your marital home, cars, income, and other property.

Once you know the facts and understand what kind of divorce help is available, you will probably be in a good position to take a number of steps to properly prepare for your initial separation, regardless of who stays in the marital residence after your paperwork is filed with the court.   We can also help you handle the emotional turmoil that often accompanies or follows separation from a spouse.  Our job is to minimize the stress, the chaos, and the anxiety of this initial transition, and to make sure that you have the resources that you need to move forward.

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Many of our divorce and family law clients ask if they can handle their own case.  The answer is yes.  Each of the counties in which we practice provides forms that can be filled out pro sePro se means on your own, or without an attorney.  Our family law attorneys strongly recommend, however, that you retain legal counsel to handle your divorce, or at least to review your final paperwork.

Many divorce may seem simple until you start the process and are suddenly trying to make sure that you are using the right Washington State divorce forms.  Filling the forms out can also be complicated.  We're here to help you get your case filed and resolved properly.  If you are simply hoping to file and argue your case yourself, however, here are some useful resources.

First, this site provide a ton of useful information about many Washington State Family Law Topics, including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and many others.  Additionally, each county provides access to its divorce and family law forms online.

King County Family Law Forms

Information About Divorce in King County

Snohomish County Court Forms

Snohomish County Family Law Court Facilitator

Pierce County Superior Court

Pierce County Superior Court Divorce Services

Pierce County Library:  Law

Thurston County Domestic Relations Forms

Our team of legal professionals are dedicated, affordable, and results oriented.

We understand exactly what’s at stake in your divorce.

Our Washington State divorce attorneys are results oriented, and we understand what’s at stake in your dissolution proceedings.  At the end of the day, it's absolutely nothing less than your future life, and the future life of your children.  A bad divorce outcome could affect you and your kids for the rest of your life.  We know the trust that you are putting into our firm, and we will do everything legally possible to successfully resolve your case.

Our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience in family law matters.  We have a deep understanding of our state's family laws, and we will work extremely hard to understand your unique and specific needs, as well as those of your children.  We want to empower you to make it through this transition and come out on top.

We believe that the first key is giving you clear information about your case.  This begins during our first meeting, which we always initiate by listening very closely to our client.  By exploring and illuminating the unique facts of your case, we will empower you to set clear goals legally and personally.  As we will also discuss, this provides many strategic benefits.  We firmly believe that every good result begins with a thorough understanding of the road ahead from day one.

We know the law.  We know the courts.  We know the local rules.  And, we are extremely familiar with every step of the Washington divorce process that you are about to undertake.   We believe that one of our most important jobs is to help you set realistic and attainable goals from day one.  We want to get to know you and your family. 

This enables us to specifically target and help you meet the legal goals that we’ve established in your case.  With that vision in mind, our lawyers will provide you with solid legal representation, whether the issue is “temporary orders” for spousal maintenance, who is going to pay what debts or get use of what property, or issues involving child custody and child support.

Experienced, aggressive, and affordable lawyers with your best interests in mind.

We provide consistently vigorous legal representation, pushing your case forward to bring you closer to your goals.  In our opinion, the best Washington State divorce attorneys often first encourage negotiation, where possible.  This is because polite but forceful negotiations can often lead to settlement of critical issues in a way that reduces stress and keeps costs down.  Going to court over and over again is expensive.

Where our attempts at a reasonable settlement of critical issues fail, however, our Washington State divorce lawyers are ready to forcefully pursue your legal divorce rights through divorce court litigation.  Although not typically our preferred path to desired results, it is often necessary.  It is also a path that we will not hesitate to use if your spouse refuses to negotiate in good faith.  Negotiations must be two way and may also not be appropriate in cases involving an extreme imbalance of power or where allegations of domestic violence are present.

Finally, we are with you every step of the way, even after case is completed.  We regularly provide clients with post-divorce.  Whether it is enforcing or modifying existing orders, we want you to know that we've got your back today, tomorrow, and far into the future.  We structure our resolutions with long-term goals in mind.  But orders often require modification, even when entered with the most foresight.  We also want to make sure that you accomplish your personal goals following completion of your divorce.

Our attorneys will continue to assist you with everything from rolling over a retirement account, to ensuring that property is properly transferred, to modifying a parenting plan or order of support when changed circumstances call for different visitation arrangements.  And, we can also assist you in finding the other post-divorce resources you need, too, from realtors to child psychologists.

Get the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Give us a call, even if you’re unsure about what your future holds.  One of our Washington State divorce attorneys would be happy to meet with you, listen to the circumstances of your case, and tell you honestly whether your situation is something you can handle yourself or whether you’re getting in over your head.  A consultation can be extremely revealing; there could be issues you may have overlooked.   If you don’t need us, we’ll tell you so.   If you do need us, you’ll be glad you made the call.

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From our divorce and family law offices in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma, and Olympia, we serve clients throughout the Greater Puget Sound region.

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