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Division of Property

Washington State Divorce Law

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Dividing debts and assets is very difficult for spouses.

We will fight to ensure that you get your fair share.

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The division of property in a Washington State divorce can be difficult. Our attorneys will help you fairly divide your debts and assets. Call now!

Our Washington State Divorce attorneys can help you with any debt and asset issues.

Washington State's divorce laws regarding the division of property are very complicated.  Every Washington divorce presents its own unique set of challenges, but issues of property division often take center stage.  Both parties want to reach an agreement that’s considered fair, and when assets are limited negotiations are often simple.  However, when there are a number of assets property division can be one of the most contentious parts of any divorce.

When spouses seek a divorce all of their assets, both community and separate, must be taken into consideration and divided equally.  What is considered “equal” may be very different depending on which side of the negotiating table you’re sitting.  The advantage of working with a qualified Washington State divorce lawyer is that they fight to help you guard your own interests, while protecting your legal rights during the entire divorce process. 

If you accumulated some of your assets before you were married, our Washington State divorce attorneys will try to keep these items out of negations.  Knowledge of Washington law can be very helpful in these situations.

There are many ways that a Washington divorce attorney from our law firm can help you – from offering you valuable counsel during negotiations, to acting as your advocate in Washington Court.


Get Help Evaluating Your Assets with Help from Our Divorce Lawyers in Washington State


If you’re concerned about how your property might be divided between you and your ex-spouse, you can start getting a clearer picture with help from a Washington divorce attorney practicing at our law firm.  We offer a free case evaluation where you can address any divorce issue, including the division of assets and how property you owned before you were married will be affected.


Our divorce lawyers in Washington State can help you understand the law and how it pertains to property including:

·         Real Estate

·         Homes

·         Businesses

·         Art

·         Jewelry

·         Furniture

·         Retirement and other accounts


Our Washington State divorce attorneys will work diligently to help you negotiate fair terms with your ex-spouse and their lawyer.  Dividing your property in a Washington State divorce can be a difficult and complicated task.  Our job is protect the financial future of you and your children.


With decades of combined experience, every Washington divorce attorney from our law firm knows how to utilize the law to protect your interests.  Our goal is to negotiate the best agreement we can, so that you can keep the things you’ve worked hard to obtain.  If there are any items of special interests to you, such as family heirlooms or other personally meaningful assets, your Washington State divorce lawyer will aggressively pursue an agreement that addresses your goals.


Contact us today for a free consultation and start getting some answers about property division - risk free and without any obligation.  If you choose to retain a Washington State divorce lawyer from our office they will immediately begin working to protect your assets.

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