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Our Everett Offices Providing Washington State Divorce Services | Divorce Attorneys Serving Snohomish County

Our Everett divorce and family law legal services offices are located near the Snohomish County courthouse. Get help now! (855) 326-4595.

When you are faced with hard choices, make sure you’re getting legal counsel from a qualified Everett divorce attorney.

The divorce process is essentially about making decisions – life-altering decisions about your property, your finances, and your children. Some aspects of an Everett divorce are more common than others and include the division of property, custody and support of children, and alimony.

It is common during a divorce for contentious situations to arise over some or all of these issues, which could lead to conflict between you and your Everett spouse. However, our Everett divorce lawyers try to keep emotions from boiling over, so that the decision making process remains fluid.

A divorce can cause a great deal of emotional strain on adults and children alike, but your Everett divorce attorney will approach your case with compassion and honesty. We understand that the decisions you make during an Everett divorce are some of the toughest you will ever have to face, and you will be forced to confront questions like:

• Who will get custody of my children, and how does visitation work?
• How will I survive financially?
• Will I have to move out of my house for good?
• Who gets to decide how my children are raised and what schools they will go to?

Because your divorce is unique, it requires personal attention and care from one of our Everett divorce lawyers.

Protecting your legal rights is the top priority of your Everett divorce attorney.

At the heart of resolving your Everett divorce case is making good choices after determining a set of goals that you define as being most important. When you and your Everett attorney conduct negotiations with your spouse, these goals will act as a guide that leads us toward the finish line. If your spouse becomes confrontational and refuses to listen to reason, then we may have to consider other Everett divorce solutions that are more aggressive such as mediation or litigation.

Schedule an evaluation of your divorce case with one of our Everett lawyers.

Our Everett law firm offers a free case evaluation to anyone in need of advice for their divorce or family law issues. This consultation is cost-free and there is no obligation financially or expectation of commitment.
If, after your private consultation, you wish to retain one of our Everett divorce lawyers they will work with you throughout the divorce process, and lend a helping hand as you make the transition into your new life.