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Washington State's adoption laws are complicated.

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Whether dealing with the complexities of a divorce, or a family law issue unrelated to divorce, children’s issues are some of the most difficult to overcome. In many instances emotions run high when children are discussed, and this includes family law issues that involve adoption. Before taking any action you need to understand the law, and our Washington State adoption lawyers have the experience needed to help.

A child is eligible for adoption in Washington State if one or both biological parents have their parental rights terminated. Our Washington State adoption and family law lawyers have seen situations where the termination of parental rights was involuntary and other cases where a parent willingly relinquished their rights so that another person could adopt their child. In every instance it is essential to receive legal counsel and personalized attention from qualified Washington State adoption attorneys.

Our Washington State adoption lawyers have developed an in-depth understanding of these laws with their more than 30 years of collective experience. When we handle your adoption case, we do everything we can to help you reach your goals and keep conflict to a minimum.

How does stepparent adoption work? Our adoption attorneys in Washington State explain.

When a parent gives up their parental rights so that an ex-spouse’s new partner can adopt the child legally, it is commonly referred to as “stepparent adoption.” This can be a complicated process, depending on the mindset of the parent who will be relinquishing their rights.  So, it’s important to get all of the facts before taking any action.

The process is relatively straightforward if both parties agree to the terms. However, if the biological parent refuses to give up their parental rights, then the only other option is a forced termination. In some situations, a forced termination is simply not possible, but our Washington legal team is well equipped to help you make this determination.

It should be noted that the Washington State Court could require you to obtain professional legal counsel when dealing with an adoption. Regardless, you can talk to one of our lawyers about your case by taking advantage of our offer for a free case evaluation. This affords you the opportunity to get some answers from our team of attorneys before you take the first steps of pursuing an adoption.

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