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Child custody lawyers serving Washington State. Put together a parenting plan that is truly in your child's best interests. Free case evaluation.

Work with a Washington State custody attorney who help you develop and fight for a Parenting Plan that is truly in your children's best interests.


While no part of a divorce can ever be considered “easy,” child custody issues are often the most challenging to overcome.  At stake is your child’s future – who they will live with, and how they will be cared for.  Our Washington State child custody attorneys can help you deal with these sensitive issues, ensuring that you are doing all that you can to protect your child’s long-term well being.


You and your ex-spouse are required to work out child custody issues and come to an agreement, mainly for the protection of your child.  Parents going through a divorce often find it difficult to work out custody arrangements because of the emotionally charged atmosphere this topic can cause.  Our Washington State child custody lawyers seek to help you through this process with due diligence and hard work.


Your Washington State custody attorney will work with you to establish a set of goals you would like to see met as negotiations with your ex-spouse progress.  Our goal is to help you reach a child custody agreement by helping you maintain focus and keeping confrontation to a minimum.  We are always hopeful that negotiations are successful, as this is often best for everyone involved, but if we can’t reach a mutual agreement then we will consider more aggressive options.


What is a Parenting Plan?


Washington law requires that a parenting plan be approved by the court.  This document will outline the custody arrangement agreed upon by the parents of the children in question.  It will include information regarding:

·         Who the children will live with

·         Responsibilities for child support

·         How important decisions regarding the children will be reached

·         How disagreements between parents will be settled


Obviously, these decisions are not to be taken lightly, because once a parenting plan is approved it can be difficult to make changes at a later date.  Our Washington State child custody lawyers will aggressively fight on your behalf while helping you cope with this challenging process.


The negotiating process is a fluid one, and no two cases are ever the same.  For this reason, reaching a mutual agreement might be difficult and, at times, impossible.  However, our Washington State child custody attorneys urge parents to do everything they can to avoid court by keeping the lines of communication open and acting in the best interests of their children.


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You can talk to a qualified Washington State custody attorney today via a free consultation.  This offer is designed to help you get some information in your quest to find an attorney that you can trust with the most precious part of your life. 


Creating a parenting plan will be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever have to face in life, so make sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your children’s welfare.

Our custody lawyers will help you prioritize and develop a Parenting Plan that is truly best for your kids.

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