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Washington Child Support Lawyers

Washington State's child support laws are complicated.

We know the Washington Child Support Schedule.

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Our lawyers handle Washington State child support matters throughout Western Washington and the Greater Puget Sound.

Washington State's child support laws are complicated. We can help you ensure that a proper amount of support is orders. (855) 326-4595. Call now!

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Every divorce has the potential to cause a great deal of emotional turmoil for both parties, but this is especially true when kids are brought into the equation.  Child support issues can become problematic, causing resentment and anger to bubble to the surface during negotiations.  For these reasons, it’s important to have a qualified Washington State support attorney working with you to protect your legal rights.


In Washington, the law requires both parents to provide support for their children, and to strictly adhere to the guidelines of a mutually agreed upon parenting plan.  These actions benefit your children, and ensure that their needs are provided for.  Our Washington State child support lawyers will help you create a plan that keeps your child’s interests as the primary focus, so that they can have the future they deserve. 

Experienced child support attorneys serving WA State.


With decades of combined experience handling complex family law issues, our Washington State child support attorneys can provide you with legal counsel you can trust.  If you have questions about how much support you will be required to provide for your children, you should talk to a Washington State support attorney about the particulars of your situation.  Valuable information you will want to share with them includes:

·         How many children you have

·         The ages of your children

·         Your monthly income, and that of your ex-spouse

·         Monthly daycare expenses


Our support attorneys in Washington State might want additional information, so don’t delay in calling them today to arrange a free and confidential consultation. 


Our Support Attorneys in Washington State Will Fight to Protect the Interests of your children.


Every Washington State support attorney from our law firm takes great pride in being more than just a legal counselor.  This is because they take a personal interest in every client’s emotional well being.  A divorce that involves children can be emotionally devastating, so we compassionately help you cope with these important issues while helping you adjust to a new way of life.


Our Washington State child support lawyers also work with you to set a series of goals, and then work to help you to achieve them through artful negotiations with your spouse and their legal representative.  If an impasse is reached then we will take the necessary steps to bring your voice to court, acting as your personal advocate while maintaining focus on the needs of your children.


You can arrange a free consultation with one of our legal representatives either by phone or filling out our handy online form.  Within 24 hours you will be contacted, giving you the opportunity to get some answers without making a formal commitment. 


If you choose to retain our professional legal services, we will fight to protect your interests while negotiating child support issues. 

We will make sure that your Washington State Order of Child Support is properly calculated and accurate.

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Toll Free Statewide:  (855) 326-4595

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