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Modifying Child Support in Washington

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Need to modify your current Order of Child Support?

Need to have your Washington State Order of Child Support adjusted?  Our family law attorneys can help.  Start the process now!  If you need to modify your current Order of Child Support, we want to understand your legal rights under Washington State divorce and family law.

Change in Circumstances?  Contact Our Washington State Child Support Modification Attorneys


Is an increase in the amount of your child support necessary?  Do you need to have a Washington State order of Child Support adjusted or modified?  Were you recently served with a notice that an ex-spouse is seeking a modification of support?  If so, you can get help today from one of our Washington State child support modification lawyers.


If your financial situation suddenly changes it can adversely affect the lives of your children, so it’s important to take action with help from our Washington State family law lawyers.  You also need to protect yourself if you feel like an ex-spouse is simply trying to take advantage of you by filing for an increase in support. 


Before taking any action you need to get the facts, and do as much as you can to fully comprehend Washington family law, and how it applies to your situation.  Our Washington State child support attorneys will help you better understand your rights, how they relate to your circumstances, and then develop a plan designed to have your questions answered by the court.


Washington State's child support laws are complicated.

Our divorce and family law attorneys know the Washington State Child Support Schedule.

One of the most common reasons a parent seeks an increase in support is due to a drastic change in their circumstances.  This can mean being laid off from work, an extended illness, or other life-altering occurrence.  Fortunately, Washington family law allows you to take action in order to keep providing for your children when you find yourself incapable of doing so.


Having an experienced attorney at your side through this process will greatly increase your ability to successfully resolve your case.  Our Washington State family law lawyers will fight for your legal rights whether you are seeking relief, or you feel as though your ex-spouse is seeking a modification without warrant.


How do I start the process and seek relief?  Our divorce and family law attorneys have the answers.


There are clearly defined laws and formulas that govern requests for alterations in support, so you should talk to our qualified Washington State child support attorneys before taking any steps with the court.  As stated, a dramatic lifestyle change is usually the criteria by which a change in support is awarded, but there are other avenues for an increase that could have merit. 


The details of your situation are what matters most, so you need to find out how the law applies to your situation before marching into family court.  Your success will hinge upon an in-depth understanding of family law, how it applies to your case, and whether your reasons for seeking a modification are valid.

A good child support lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options about support modification.


Our Divorce Attorneys in Washington State Can Help You if You’re Facing a Support Increase


If you are served with papers from an ex-spouse seeking a modification in support, your first course of action should be to seek some professional legal advice.  The law imposes a deadline for you to respond, so don’t wait until the last minute to start putting together an argument for your position. 


You can contact our law office today for a free case evaluation with a family law attorney who will help you with your child support issues.  These are important cases where the end result could have a lasting impact on you, your finances, and your children. 

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