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 Dad's have important legal rights.

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Fathers’ Legal Rights in Washington State Divorce Proceedings | Dads' Family Law Rights | Child Custody | Child Support

Under Washington State divorce law, fathers are often at a disadvantage when spouses separate. Our family law lawyers will fight to protect you.

Our Washington State divorce lawyers will fight to have your legal rights enforced.

Going through a divorce is difficult, but for fathers it can often feel like they are not being treated fairly, especially if child custody is involved in the proceedings.  Our Washington State dad’s rights attorneys understand why a father might feel this way, and they can help ensure that dads are treated fairly.  It should be noted that a few years back, father’s rights were largely superseded by a mother’s; but times have changed and a dad’s rights are now more widely acknowledged.


Making the playing field between mothers and fathers more equal was achieved by various father’s rights activists, and through the dedication of professionals like Washington State divorce attorneys.  Almost all qualified legal professionals advise their clients to work with their ex-spouse to achieve the most favorable results.  However, sometimes this is simply not possible, so it becomes even more important to protect a dad’s legal rights during a divorce.


Our Washington State father’s rights attorneys protect the rights of the men they represent because they recognize that a father’s role in his child’s life is essential to their development.  You undoubtedly want to take an active role in your children’s life, and our Washington State family law lawyers realize that how your divorce is resolved truly matters. 

Your children’s maturation process and their overall health will hinge on the relationship they have with their dad.  Our divorce and family law attorneys will do everything legally possible to aggressively fight in family court for your right to actively participate in your child’s rearing.


Our Family Law Lawyers in Washington State Can Assist You in a Variety of Ways


Child support, child custody, and visitation are all important family law issues that our Washington State divorce attorneys can help you address.  In most cases our Washington State divorce attorneys urge client’s to work with an ex-spouse to create a parenting plan agreement, even when the situation is less than agreeable.  If negotiations happen to fail, then our Washington State family law lawyers will be at your side as we seek more aggressive methods to deal with the situation.


Some of the facts about your children that will likely be reviewed in family court include their age, bonds with siblings, parental relationships, living situations, and the health of the parents.


During your divorce proceedings it is vital that you make sure you are being treated fairly, in accordance with Washington family law.  Your legal rights could be jeopardized if an ex-spouse suddenly questions your paternity, or denies you visitation rights.  Our dedicated legal professionals will quickly act under these circumstances to resolve these potentially unjust situations in family court.


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The last thing you want to deal with when going through a divorce are surprises.  Fight for your child custody and child support goals with help from a member of our dedicated legal team.  We offer a free consultation so that you can get some facts today about dad’s rights, and ensure that you are protected according to the law.


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