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Large marital estates can be complicated.

  • Does your divorce case involve significant assets?

  • Do you or your spouse own a business?

  • Worried about your spouse hiding assets?

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Washington State Family Law Lawyers

Washington State's community property laws are complicated when it comes to large marital estates.

  • What issues should I be concerned about involving my assets?

  • How do I know if I need a Restraining Order?

  • How will our assets be divided by the court?

Our Washington State divorce and family lawyers are here to help you get your questions answered.

  • Large Marital Estates

  • High Net Worth

  • Significant Assets and Income

Large marital estates present unique problems in a Washington State divorce. We will fight to protect your legal rights. Free case evaluation.

Do you need help with your large assets? Our Washington State divorce attorneys can help with your large marital estate.

If large assets are involved in your Washington divorce, then you should get some information from a qualified Washington State divorce attorney before taking the first step. When you enter into a divorce with a large marital estate you should expect that far more work will have to be done to protect your interests. Our team of Washington State divorce lawyers can help you negotiate a fair settlement with your spouse, so that you aren’t left wondering if a better deal could have been forged.

If you have a large marital estate, your family law lawyer will be required to conduct a great deal of research, negotiating, and perhaps litigation. The primary goal will be to secure your financial interests for a promising future, for both you and your children. Any mistakes made when dealing with a Washington divorce that includes high net worth assets could lead to financial hardship, and this is what we work hard to avoid. Our Washington State divorce attorneys will maintain focus on the goals you lay out at the beginning of the process, and will work diligently on your behalf until it’s resolved.

One important way our Washington State divorce lawyers help their clients is by securing the skills of experts that can accurately value your assets, while weakening any opposing expert’s opinion. Also, our family law lawyers attempt to fully uncover assets belonging to your spouse that might include pension funds, stock options, property of all types, and retirement accounts. International and interstate assets will also be sought by our Washington State divorce attorneys as they conduct their investigation, and these can often be difficult to find.

Your Washington State family law attorney will handle every aspect of your case, while providing you with reliable legal counsel that you can trust.

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You can schedule an appointment to discuss your large asset case with a Washington State family law attorney from our law firm today. Our team of professional litigators will answer your most important questions so that you can make a decision regarding your future and the best path to get there. Settling large marital asset cases can be stressful, but our goal will be to help you build a better future by focusing on the task at hand.

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