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Military divorces can be complicated and stressful.  Our job is to make them easier.  We handle all Washington State divorce and family law matters.  Whatever the issues in your case, our firm has the knowledge and the experience to protect your legal rights.

Our Washington military divorce lawyers understand the legal complexities involved when one of the parties is a service member.  In many cases, both federal and Washington State divorce law are factors that must be considered in how your case is ultimately resolved. 

From our offices in Seattle, Belleuve, Everett, Tacoma, and Olympia, we serve clients throughout the Greater Puget Sound Region.  In order to help you understand your legal rights under both Washington State divorce law and federal military divorce law, we offer a free initial consultation and case evaluation,

Get help understanding the law from our Washington State military divorce lawyers.

Every divorce presents its own unique set of challenges, and can leave you feeling stressed, confused, and emotionally drained.  A military divorce can be even more dramatic because the law is often confusing and difficult to understand.  State laws still apply during a military divorce, but federal laws also come into play and can make the process far more complicated.  If you are in a military divorce situation then it makes sense to get all of the legal information you can from qualified Washington State military divorce attorneys.

Information is even more vital if you or your spouse is on active duty.  The law states that persons on active duty cannot be held in default if a spouse files for a divorce, thus preventing them from being unable to protect their own interests during the proceedings.

In fact, a person on active duty can delay divorce proceedings until their time of service has concluded, and for 60 days after that date.  If the spouse on active duty agrees that the divorce can proceed, then the action can proceed in court.  With so much to consider, before taking any action you should talk to one of our Washington State legal professionals about your situation so that they can start offering your some reliable counsel. 


Before military divorce proceedings can go any further, you must meet some other requirements according to the law.  For instance, you cannot file for a divorce in the state if the active duty member lives outside of Washington.  Our Courts can only establish jurisdiction in the case if they are stationed in Washington State. 


Our military divorce professionals can help you with complicated issues involving the child custody, spousal  support, division of property, military benefits, and retirement.  Additionally, child support will be assessed according to the Washington State Support Schedule.


Contact our team of Washington State military divorce attorneys for a free and confidential consultation.


With so many unusual laws that must be followed during a military divorce, it’s important to understand how they could potentially affect the outcome of your case.  Our Washington State military divorce lawyers can start providing you with answers today if you contact our law firm for a free case evaluation.  Get some answers that you can trust, and only then make a decision about how you would like to handle your situation.


If you decide to work with our team of law professionals, they will help you navigate the complex waters of a military divorce, and assist you in building a bridge into your new life. 

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