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Our Washington State divorce and family law attorneys handle paternity cases throughout Western Washington and the Greater Puget Sound Region.


Paternity cases are never easy no matter which side of the argument you’re on.  In cases where an unmarried couple is trying to determine custody of child, paternity issues can set off heated emotions and plenty of resentment.  These are complex problems with surprisingly simple solutions if both parties can maintain civility, and our Washington State paternity lawyers can help. 


In any situation where the relationship of a father and child are in question, the court is going to require evidence to substantiate a claim in the form of a paternity test.  While the test might be easy in and of itself, dealing the court is made far easier with help from paternity attorneys in Washington State.  When unmarried couples become parents, there are many complications that can arise.


When a mother is trying to get a child’s father to pay child support, yet he refuses to admit he is the father, our Washington State paternity attorneys step in to help you address this matter with the court.  If the man proves to be the father, then our legal professionals will take the next step in family court to seek redress and establish support payments.


In other cases, the circumstances might be similar but the man is certain he is not the child’s father, and the test results bear this out.  In such cases, our Washington State paternity lawyers will take this information to court in an effort to bring the situation to a conclusion. 


There are also occasions when a father is denied his visitation rights because the mother claims he is not the child’s real father.  A working knowledge of family law is essential in these sensitive cases, so you need a Washington State child custody lawyer with an in depth understanding of how your case should be handled. 


If paternity is an issue that you need resolved then contact us today and talk to a Washington State child custody attorney who will help you prove your side of the story.  Unmarried parents ALWAYS have important legal rights when it comes to their biological children so long as no special circumstances apply.


Our Paternity Attorneys in Washington State Offer a Free and Confidential Case Evaluation


The Washington State Court requires physical evidence proving a paternal relationship, and this usually comes in the form of a DNA test.  Our Washington State paternity lawyers then examine the results to see if they are inclusive or exclusive.  An inclusive result is positive, meaning a paternal relationship was established.  An exclusive result is negative and means there is no paternal relationship. 


Seeking action from the court is the next step our Washington State paternity attorneys will take on your behalf.  No two cases are identical, so you need to go over all of the details of your situation with your Washington State child custody lawyer.  This is how we build trust, which is an essential part of your relationship with your legal representative. 


We offer a free consultation today with a child custody lawyer who can help you get more information about paternity law in Washington State.  If you’re ready to get the answers you need, contact a Washington State child custody attorney today, and take the next step toward answering your paternity question.

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