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Modifying Parenting Plans in Washington State

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Washington Child Custody Attorneys

A good child custody lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options about support modification.

Need to modify your Parenting Plan?  Modifying parenting plans in Washington State can be difficult, depending on your specific circumstances.  Our child custody lawyers. Find out if you have a basis to file. Call now!

Our Washington State child custody attorneys understand the importance of developing a Parent Plan that is uniquely tailored to meet the best needs of your children.

When parents separate, one of the first things they must do is work out how this action will affect their children.  Responsibility for their children’s care must come from both parents, as this is an essential part of a child’s rearing.  The mutually agreed upon plans related to a child’s residency and upbringing are referred to as “parenting plans,” and while it can be difficult for parents to reach an agreement, our Washington State parenting plan modification lawyers can help.  Things can get even more challenging when a parent seeks to change an existing plan that was finalized when they were divorced.


Our Washington State parenting plan attorneys help parents work together through careful consideration of the details that are most important for their children’s upbringing.  Our Washington State child custody lawyers accomplish this by urging parents to prevent emotional conflict and animosity from interfering with the natural progression of negotiations. 


Deciding who the primary residential parent will be is obviously a major consideration, as is determining visitation rights.  The plan will also need to focus on how decisions that affect the child will be made, how disagreements will be mitigated, and who will have control over the child’s education options and religious affiliation. 


Our Washington State parenting plan modification attorneys urge parents to work out an agreement, even on the most contentious of issues.  This is primarily to prevent going to court and having a judge make a ruling about what they think is best for your children.  Our Washington State child custody lawyers believe that no one is better suited to make decisions for your family than you, and we will do everything we can to help you reach agreement that is fair and acceptable.


If Negotiations Stall Our Divorce Lawyers in Washington State Urge Perseverance


When parents work together to formulate a parenting plan, studies show that they are far more likely to abide by its stipulations.  However, even parents with the best intentions can find themselves at an impasse, and that’s when our Washington State parenting plan modification lawyers can be of further assistance. 


At times, mediation, counseling, or arbitration might be necessary, and sometimes it helps if both parents work on their own parenting plans and then allow a mediator to help them pursue common threads of discussion.  Once an agreement is reached, our legal professionals will file the Parenting Plan with the court for approval.


You should contact one of our Washington State parenting plan attorneys whether you are seeing to modify an plan, or you have been served with papers indicating your ex-spouse is seeking a change to an existing plan.  You can contact our law firm for a free consultation and find out how the law applies to your situation without risk. 


Contact us today and let us help you deal with your child custody modification issues, so that you can rest assured your children’s future remains bright.

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